The Unigeezer Accepts the GB Challenge


Last Updated on October 20, 2020

This is the year of the Growing Bolder Challenge. It’s the year you make a deal with yourself to improve your health and fitness.

Terry Peterson, aka the Unigeezer, accepted the GB Challenge in a big, bold way.

The man who loved the unicycle as a child rediscovered it after his 50th birthday, and now he’s experiencing the sport at a whole new level. He’s become almost legendary, winning the admiration of people across the country.

He’s 56 years old and is helping to create the growing field of mountain unicycling, an extreme sport gaining popularity. 

Find out what the GB Challenge means to him and how he plans to push himself even further this year.

Are you ready to take the Challenge? First, watch the story that inspired this grassroots campaign: Take Gary’s InSAIN Challenge.

Then, check out our special Growing Bolder Challenge website for all the details about starting your own Challenge!