Whole-Person Care Specifically Designed for Older Adults



Whole-Person Care, for Whatever Stage of Life You’re In

There’s never been a time in history with a wider range of life experiences and transitions for people 65 and older. AdventHealth Well 65+ is a new model of primary care, specifically designed for older adults. They focus on the mental, physical and spiritual health of their patients, even offering the services of licensed social workers available in the same office as the doctors, to help with all of life’s transitions.

“There’s more to medicine than just prescribing medications,” says Dr. Joyce Cortez, who sees patients at AdventHealth Well 65+ in Altamonte Springs, FL. “It’s about listening to the patients, providing other options, including a healthier diet or exercise, and having the support that they need.”

“It’s the partnership that you’re trying to form in our offices with your care team that tries to look and identify what the ultimate health for you as a person is,” says Dr. Robert Rodgers, AdventHealth Well 65+ Chief Medical Officer. “And it may be different from the next patient that comes in. ‘What do you want to do? What’s going to be wholeness to you and how can we get you there?’ And that’s where, even though we have goals and we have metrics, it really comes down to how we understand what the patient wants and how do we help them try to get there.”

Advent Health Well 65+ practices offer more time with your doctor, easier appointments, and a care team all under one roof. To learn more, visit adventhealthwell65plus.com.

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