Lisa Lynn


Why does it seem when we talk about diet and exercise, it’s always to discuss some new fad, piece of equipment or food trend? 

Lisa Lynn is an elite trainer, performance nutritionist and physical therapist, and she says she advocates a lifestyle that is focused on losing weight and gaining muscle, energy and health. 

She appears regularly on “The Dr. Oz Show,” and she’s revealing what she’s learned from working with fitness professionals and how to train smarter, not harder. 

Lisa tells us the good news about Boomeritis and why you don’t have to spend countless hours in the gym or suffering through insane workout programs to be healthy and fit. Lisa says over-working out stops more people from seeing results than you might think. 

Get simple, effective fitness tips from the woman Martha Stewart describes as the only trainer to ever made a difference for her. 

Lisa also explains why nutrition is so much more important than how you exercise, and she tells us which supplements she recommends, including the breakfast choice that will lower your blood sugar and boost your metabolism by 25 percent. 

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