Rita Simonton


Rita Simonton is the Michael Phelps of her age group!

She’s the fastest distance swimmer in United States history (wait for it!) over the age of 90! And she didn’t just break the former record, she smashed it by four full minutes.

Rita was a swimmer way back in high school but don’t ask her how good she was, she’ll say she wasn’t! But she loved to be in the water and despite being “mediocre” she DID win the Rhode Island State Low-Board Diving Championship.

That was in 1935. Shortly after she climbed out of the pool to start a family. She didn’t dive back in until the late 1960s. She fell back in love with the sport she’d given up. She found within herself a drive to compete and she liked it.

Masters swimming became her passion, and she’s been able to compete all over the world. Now, in her 90s she’s as competitive and active as ever.

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