Health & Happiness in Full Swing


One of the biggest keys to healthy aging is staying active, both mentally and physically. Playing golf accomplishes both, providing a strategic problem for our brains and an opportunity to stretch our legs and work our muscles in fresh air. It’s a game that can bring people of all ages and skill levels together, and teach life lessons that extend beyond the course. Residents of The Villages take advantage of the hundreds of golf holes in their community to enrich their lives every day, showing off the many reasons why this is a game is worth playing.

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“Gee, thanks, Brooks!”


When you pick a childhood hero from the ranks of celebrity or sports, you have no idea of who they really are. You only know they are great at what they do. Steve Rondinaro hit a grand slam when he picked Brooks Robinson, the amazing third baseman for the Baltimore Orioles, who became the namesake for his son.

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