A Technological Solution for Seniors That Hits Close to Home


There is a growing technological divide that has been separating older adults from younger adults around the world. As society has shifted to a faster-paced, digitally-focused everyday lifestyle, some seniors have been left out of the conversation and have found it difficult to adapt to the modern technological era.

For Scott Lien, this problem hit close to home. He saw a divide forming within his own family, as his mother and mother-in-law lived in different states. Communicating, connecting and sharing memories was becoming difficult, so he made a change. Along with his son, Isaac, the Liens created GrandPad, a revolutionary tablet that leaned on the feedback of senior advisors who helped to make a product that was specifically designed for older adults to use.

It features a safe and secure private family network, meaning only your trusted family and friends can contact you, to keep out scammers and spammers. GrandPad has one-touch buttons that make it easy to video chat and call your family, share family photos and stay in touch. It has radio and music features, games designed to keep adults mentally sharp, secure internet browsing and shopping, and so much more.

Lien recently joined Growing Bolder to discuss his personal path to co-founding GrandPad. Watch the video below to learn about the many ways it can make it easier for seniors in your life to get online and stay connected to loved ones.

Click here to learn more about GrandPad and how you can get connected with your loved ones today.

This article was created in partnership with our friends at GrandPad.

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