Betty Lindberg


For most of her life, Betty Lindberg was a self-described couch potato. She went on her first run at the age of 63, and now, at the age of 91, even she can’t believe what she’s just accomplished.

Betty recently entered the 800 meters at the Atlanta Track Club’s All Comers Meet at Emory University. Running in the 90-94 age group, she wasn’t thinking about her time or even her place. She was just enjoying being part of the running community. Imagine her surprise when she learned that her time is a new world record!

Betty joins Growing Bolder to describe what it’s like to be a first-time world-record holder … in her 90s! She is living proof that inspiration can come from anywhere. She shares the story of what inspired her to take up running in her 60s.

Find out how nothing has kept her from running over the past 28 years, including a new hip!