Bold Social: Wanderlust


This collection of globetrotters and sightseers share a love of travel and a passion for documenting their adventures. As the world is starting to see a light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, follow these folks to get inspired for your first big outing post-pandemic. 

Backroad Planet

Central Floridian Howard Blount is a believes taking scenic routes, scouting historical sites, and immersion in local flavor are the best ways to travel. His beautiful photos and detailed documentation are meant to inspire your own travels. Follow him for his latest adventure: touring with his new RV. 

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image via @backroadplanet

Baby Boomster

Rebecca believes that aging is an attitude and offers travel advice for 50+ adventurers ready to pack their bags and go. Her blog includes ideas for travel near and far, guidance for covid-safe tourism and city-specific tips for destinations around the world. 

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image via @babyboomster

Midlife Road Trip

Midlife Road Trip is a food, travel and adventure show hosted by friends Rick Griffin and Sandi McKenna that’s all about making the most of midlife. Follow their videos for a fast-pasted, sweet and goofy look at American cities from coast to coast and beyond. 

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image via @midliferoadtrip

Traveling Robert

Robert Morales’ entertaining and very informative videos document some of the best views RV traveling has to offer. Along with his partner Illy, he travels all over the U.S. sharing unique experiences, cost breakdowns, local history and travel tips with followers. 

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Retired and Travelling aka LDHTravelatwill

Retired and curious, traveling couple Linda and David Holland are spend about 6 months per year away from their Toronto, CA home bouncing from continent to continent. With an eye for finding the extraordinary in every place they visit, their photos and blogs will make you want to pack your bag and go. 

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image via @ldhtravelatwill

Terry’s World Travels

Terry has visited over 40 countries and she isn’t done yet! Her experience comes from a career traveling the world in the events and hospitality industry. Now, in her blog, she documents her travels and some life tips she’s learned along the way.


image via Terry’s World Travels

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