This Holiday Season, Connect Loved Ones With The Stories Behind Your Photos On GrandPad


There’s a story behind every cherished family photograph worth sharing with friends and loved ones. For many, a majority of favorite family memories happen around the holidays. These holiday seasons bring great opportunity for gatherings, but sometimes it can sometimes be difficult to get everyone together with those spread out living in different places. By sharing photos, families can ensure that any older loved ones who may be isolated aren’t missing out on the latest activities, and can stay up to date on the latest family fun with ease.

While some photo sharing processes on smartphones and computers can be intimidating and confusing, one tech company, GrandPad, has created a tablet specifically for seniors to use. It features streamlined, simple applications and features for safe and secure access to the internet. Their tablet comes with a private family network, which means only approved loved ones can even contact you on your GrandPad.

Your family members can easily share their photos and videos directly to your GrandPad for you to see, and you can send photos that you take right back to them. Browse albums of photos by simply tapping on an image or video, or click the “start slideshow” button to see a carousel of all your images.

Loved ones can communicate with each other alongside the photos, by leaving a comment on a picture by recording a voice message or typing out text.

With so many photos being shared between family members, it’s easy to organize and save your favorite photos in an album by tapping the “add to favorites” button.

Plus, the GrandPad can become an entertainment feature for guests in your home. Simply set the tablet in its frame on a table and click “start slideshow”, and it will become a digital picture frame that will automatically cycle through your photos for all to see.

GrandPad tablets come equipped with 4G LTE data, which means that your photos can be taken on the go and are able to easily be accessed wherever you travel. Anytime the user is out for coffee with a friend or playing their weekly card game, it’s a simple and lightweight way to show off pictures of their grandkids without needing to tote around a heavy photo album or scrapbook.

By sharing photos with others, we can take advantage of several health and social benefits:

  • Photos are conversation starters to increase social interaction.
  • They provide an opportunity to learn about one another from the stories told with a photo.
  • Sharing a photo is a faster way to stay in touch than a phone call.
  • Looking at photos improves memory.
  • Smiling and laughing at photos help the ability to recover from stress and reduces heart rate.

It’s easier than ever to take advantage of technology and strengthen the relationships among different age groups in your family. Whether it is through photo sharing, video calls, playing games or more, GrandPad’s goal is to make it easier and safer for older adults to get online and stay connected with family no matter where they live.

This article was created in partnership with our friends at GrandPad.

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