Dr. Sylvia Earle Thinks your Efforts Are More Than a Drop in the Bucket


If the ocean is what really gives us life, why are we killing it? If we continue to do irreparable damage to the sea, what is that going to end up doing to us, to our future? Nobody knows the answer to that question better than eco-warrior, Dr. Sylvia Earle. She’s one of the world’s most significant marine scientists. She’s an explorer, an author, a lecturer, an oceanographer and even a pioneer. She was the first female chief scientist of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. She’s the inspiration behind an incredible group called Ocean Elders dedicated to protecting the ocean and its wildlife. She was named by TIME Magazine as its first Hero for the Planet, and she’s been named a Living Legend by the Library of Congress. Check out her interview from a recent episode of What’s Next. Want more? Watch the full episode.

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