How to Write a Dating Profile


If you are over 50 and single, and ready to get in the dating game, you may wonder how to get started, especially during a pandemic. For the legions of older adults turning to dating apps, the first question: How to write a dating profile? 

You may have already scouted out some of the best dating sites over 50. Now it’s time to find someone compatible with your interests. We are here to help. 

 5 tips on how to write a dating profile 

● Looks matter. The headshot is the most important part of your dating profile. Although it may come across as shallow and superficial, online dating experts say the biggest success factor is your profile picture. Avoid an outdated photo. Pick a recent picture that you love. 

A few pro tips: 

“A good profile picture is your golden goose,” writes “This is the reference point by which you will be judged first and foremost, and it pays to invest a little effort. Studies into online dating have found that the absence of a profile picture can half your chances of success. It may not be to everyone’s nature to whip out a camera and start snapping some glamour shots. A simple, well-lit photograph of yourself looking relaxed and natural can work wonders.  

“You needn’t get dolled up to the nines. Looking at ease, natural and cheery is often far more effective than a meticulously posed photo shoot.” 

● Words matter. Be creative and honest. If you consider yourself sexy, smart and sassy, try to convey that. If you have more of a low-key personality, then go with that. Don’t try to come across as someone you are not. And remember that spell check is your friend. You don’t want typos in your profile. If you want a second opinion before you post, try vetting it with a trusted friend. 

And most importantly, don’t present yourself in an unauthentic way. 

● What type of relationship do you want? Be clear about your dating intentions. Short-term? Long-term? Friendship only? There are no wrong answers. Just express what’s in your heart. 

You are looking for compatibility. And you may not find it on the first, second, or even multiple tries. But at least be sure your dating prospects reflect similar intentions of where they want to go in a relationship. 

Deal-breakers:  Must love dogs? Kids OK? Are you a smoker or non-smoker? Are political views important? 

Transparency is important. If you love dogs, say so. If you have kids, say so. If political views are important, then note whether you are liberal or conservative. 

“Following the election of [Former President Donald] Trump in 2016, an OKCupid study found a 64% increase in political terms on user profiles,” GQ noted in 2019. “And before the midterms, similar data released by the company found that 85% of millennial men and women cited voting as ‘extremely or very important’ for finding a partner.” 

● ‘You had me at hello.’  Modern pop culture — whether it’s movies, TV shows or songs — is an important aspect of many people’s lives. Don’t be afraid to toss in any references that speak to you. You may find that you connect with perfect strangers immediately. 

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