Run For Your Life


From mud runs to color runs to yes, even zombie runs that do, in fact, urge you to run for your life, there’s no doubt that running is more popular than ever. One of the fastest growing groups of people participating in events of all distances are those 40 and older.

Why is it attracting people of all ages, sizes and fitness abilities? In a word: hope.

Join Team Growing Bolder at the historic Winter Park Road Race, presented by Advent Health, and find out why more than 4,000 walkers and runners got up early on a Saturday morning to participate in the 2-mile and 10K events. You’ll be inspired by their commitment to improving their health and running down the dream of vibrant, active aging. You’ll see how their actions are making those dreams a reality.

Think you’re too old, too out of shape or too whatever to do it yourself? Then wait until you meet a group of first-time participants, including a woman who was confined to a wheelchair until and headed for worse health until she took her doctor’s advice to start walking.

Plus, see what happens when we run into a familiar and “legendary” face from a GB Classic. Is he still just as active as he was when we first met him? You have to see him to believe him!

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