Your Take: Your Favorite Halloween Costume!


Every Halloween is a new opportunity to become someone (or something!) new. We asked the Growing Bolder community to share their favorite Halloween costume memories. Some folks even shared photos!

Aleshia Farmer Salyers
“Wondering where I left my broom?” – Janic Doxsee Davis
“I was the Dead Bride and that is my Groom.” – Sandy Rolon Navas

One year my husband and I went as prisoners of love. We got solid color pjs, or scrubs (it’s been awhile) and spray painted stripes. He used a plastic ball and added a chain. Our numbers were 60 and 9. Lost him this year, I sure miss his humor.

Lesa Burton
“I made this for my grandson in 1993. It has a long tail that swished back and forth behind him as he walked. It was hysterical!” – Betty Ann Jackson Nanstiel

One year I dressed up as Ruth & my 4yo son dressed up as David the shepard boy. I made his costume from fake fur. It was for a church Halloween activity. He’s 41 now so that was a good while ago!

Laura McKnight Mahla
“Medusa!” – Janet Lundell Ahlin

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