A Parade Of Human Kindness


Human kindness is very much alive, despite our divisive political times.

Cue scene in Sacramento, California last weekend, when the community of Natomas staged a parade. It wasn’t just any parade. It was for one person: Ojas Ranade, a young boy, who, after beating cancer five years ago, had suffered a recurrence, with the cancer coming back and spreading to his brain.

And so, family, friends, policemen, firefighters, and neighbors all rallied around Ojas in the Natomas community. They waved signs that said: We Love You Ojas and #TeamOjas.

“I think that they love me so much,” he told KCRA.com

“I really expected 20 to 30 cars and that was going to be awesome,” said his father, Jeffery Belaski. “To see what came out in the community and what people were willing to do and put up the signs and everything on the cars, it’s really heart-warming.”

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