An Inspirational Walk in the Park Avenue 5K


When we first announced the Growing Bolder division in the Track Shack Running Series, Sara Noureddine shared that the reason Florida Blue Medicare got involved: “Our mission is to help people and communities to achieve better health.” As Sara witnessed first hand the power of the running community to change lives, she was inspired to run herself. That chain of inspiration quickly reached her colleague Nancy Walko, who completed her first-ever race this month at the Park Avenue 5K.

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Have you tried pickleball? Chances are, you will! It is the fastest growing sport in the country. It is played by over 4.8 million people and growing in leaps and bounds each year. There is an unprecedented demand from players of all experience levels to find coaches who can help them improve, and one of the best in world is a man known around the world as, “Coach Mo.”

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