Bold Social: Women to Watch


In honor of Women’s history month, we’ve gathered some online influencers sharing how they’re living life to the fullest, so we can be inspired to do the same!

This is Your Best Year

Fort Worth, TX resident Maricia Johns is a lifestyle blogger who shares inspiration, guidance and wisdom that pertains to women of a “certain age.” Her wide array of posts topics include education, travel, health, marriage and retirement and many more. But they all have one thing in common: inspiring you to live your best year.

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Susan After 60

Susan Street is on a mission to share all things she wishes she had known decades ago so we can all look and feel our best. She regularly showcases her outfits – she has managed to still look look great even during the isolation of the pandemic – and shares blogs with style tips like color palettes and clothing types. Her classic style is a reminder, especially in these times, that fashion can be a mood booster!


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The Magic of Menopause

Lorraine Miano discovered her passion for offering menopause advocacy, support, resources and a”whole lotta love” to women in all phases of menopause through health coaching, proper nutrition and preventive lifestyle choices. Miano has recently published her first book “The Magic of Menopause: A Holistic Guide to Get Your Happy Back.” and will be featured in an upcoming issue of Growing Bolder magazine.

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Cultured Curves

Linda Peavy believes sophisticated fashion and beauty have no age or size. Her blog provides inspiration and motivation as a reminder of how beautiful, bold, and bodacious her readers and followers are each day, every day. Look to her content to find style ideas, beauty tips and lifestyle inspo.

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Sharing a Journey

Nina started her blog when she found herself adjusting to major life shifts. Newly single and an empty nester, she reconnected with her passions for fashion, beauty and writing. She shares her journey in an effort to create a community of like minded, heart guided women sharing and comparing notes while navigating new life chapters.

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The Silver Storm

Miami-based silver fox Hillary Barnett Bitar shares her experiences in modeling, fitness, aging and more. She’s a fierce advocate for healthy aging and representation of all types of women in beauty. She embraced her long gray locks at a young age and never looked back. She finds more self-confidence in herself every day and inspires us to do the same.


image via @silverstorm777

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