Carl Daugherty Never Stopped Doing What He Loved


Skydiver Carl Daugherty was a poster boy for perseverance and pursuing your passion.

In 2016, Carl suffered a serious accident on landing. After several setbacks, doctors amputated the lower half of his right leg. Within weeks, he was not only learning to walk again but was back in the air skydiving and learning to accommodate for his loss. Shortly after recovering, he was part of a world record formation at Skydive DeLand. It was for those reasons, among others, that Growing Bolder awarded Carl with the Never Stop Doing What You Love Award at the 2016 Growing Bolder Awards. Click play on the video above to see his award presentation and to hear directly from this inspirational man.

Sadly, in mid-2021, Carl lost his life on a skydiving outing. We’ll miss him terribly but we remain inspired by his determination to do what he loved, no matter the obstacles.

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