Bold Social: Grand Gamers


Age isn’t keeping these playful folks from doing what they enjoy. Follow these gamers’ streams on platforms like Tiktok, Youtube and Twitch to see how the face of gaming is changing. And you just may pick up some great tips for stepping up your game, too! 

Duncan McLeod

Duncan McLeod, or Duncanas, is helping to create space for his fellow Boomer Gamers. Australian born and now in his mid-50s, he streams almost daily from his current home in Las Vegas, providing less experienced gamers with useful insights, tips and opinions, mostly about his favorite game, Apex Legends.  

Youtube | Twitch | TikTok

Shirley Curry

Streaming from southwestern Ohio, Shirley Curry sweetly starts each of her videos, “Hello Grandkids,” setting the stage for a softer, kinder tone for game streaming. She even makes a point to shout out her newest followers in some videos. Now in her mid-80s, she’s been gaming for years and streams almost daily. 

Youtube | Twitter

Hamako Mori

Hamako Mori is the “Oldest Videogames Youtuber,” according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Nearing 90 years old, Hamako streams from Japan and has been playing for longer than many gamers have been alive. She posts about 3-4 videos per month on her Youtube channel, with English subtitles. 


Michelle Statham

Like her moniker Tactical Gramma suggests, Michelle Statham is a proud grandmother of two. Michelle says she’s been playing video games since the days of Pong and has found her happy place in first-person shooter games. Her energetic, entertaining and skilled streams prove that just because you’re older, doesn’t mean you’re outta the game. 

Twitch | TikTok | Twitter | Youtube

Marc Middleton

To be fair, Growing Bolder’s own Marc Middleton just got his start in game streaming, but he’s enjoying every second of it. In fact, he’ll be participating in Growing Bolder’s FIRST intergenerational gaming tournament this June on our new streaming channel on Twitch.


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