Combine the Health Benefits of Nature and Technology with GrandPad


There was a time when the fresh air of the great outdoors and the vastness of the worldwide web were viewed as total opposites when it came to the health of older adults. Those times have changed, as now studies are pointing to ways that getting outside and getting online can both bring wellbeing benefits.

It doesn’t take long in nature to gain a health boost. Just a few minutes a day with outdoor activity can have positive long-term effects.

  • 10 minutes of gardening can alleviate depression. 
  • 20 minutes spent hiking among trees or birdwatching reduces cortisol, the stress hormone. 
  • 30 minutes of walking in a park or watching your grandkids laugh on a playground can lower blood pressure and heart rate. 
  • 60 minutes spent interacting with nature can boost memory and attention span by 20%. 

Sources: National Institute of Health,, Frontiers of Psychology, Semantic Scholar, PLOS ONE 

The digital age has now provided ways to improve our health with technology as well, all with the push of a button.

  • Video calls, phone calls, and text messaging can stave off social isolation and decrease risk of depression.
  • Listening to music can reduce anxiety and blood pressure, while improving mood, memory and mental alertness.
  • Playing games can improve manual dexterity, improve memory, and increase problem-solving skills.
  • Taking and sharing photographs encourages mindfulness, boosts memory, and promotes self-care.

Sources: National Institute on Aging,  Johns Hopkins Medicine, American Psychological Association, Science Daily

A Tablet Designed to Help Seniors Anywhere and Everywhere

One group designed a product focused on helping older adults take advantage of the benefits of being active while also connected with technology at the same time.

GrandPad has developed a tablet that is ready and equipped with 4G LTE data the moment you take it out of the box, so it’s ready to get online where ever you take it. It’s been designed alongside seniors that they call Grand Advisors, working to create a product specifically for other seniors to use.

They’ve embraced the ability to take GrandPad on the go, and developed easy-to-use features that come in handy whether you’re in the house, in the garden, out for a walk or taking a hike.

  • Has a camera function to take photos and videos and easily share them with family members.
  • A Radio App that can be customized with favorite stations from thousands of local and national options.
  • The Music App allows users to curate playlists from a variety of genres to always have their favorite songs on hand.
  • Video Calls and Phone Calls can be made with the simple push of a button.
  • It comes equipped with a library of games designed to increase mental alertness and memory while also entertaining.
  • The Weather App shows current and upcoming conditions in the area, as well as a 5-day forecast. You can also see the weather for all of your family and friends where ever they live.
  • GrandPad is safe and secure. It features a private family network, which means only approved contacts can connect to a GrandPad, which keeps out scammers and spammers.

Older adults looking for ways to enhance their day while increasing their healthspan can look to combine the powers of nature and technology thanks to GrandPad. Spend some time in the garden, and then take a photo and share it with your family on your tablet. After enjoying a coffee in the park, play a game or fill in a Sudoku on your GrandPad. When you finish a hike and are enjoying the view, play your favorite song from your customized playlist while you catch your breath.

Above all, no matter where you go or what you do, you are only one button away from being connected with your loved ones.

This article was created in partnership with our friends at GrandPad.

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