Connect With Loved Ones and Friends This Year With Digital Frames


       This post is sponsored by Aura Frames, dedicated to keeping your favorite memories in focus.

Capturing moments, experience and people connects all of us. We are bonded by memories. And photos can help us make that connection in a heartbeat.

Modern technology is our friend in that regard. No need to rummage through a pile of old negatives and squint your eyes to see what the picture looks like. No need to sort out a pile of photos in a shoebox to find the one you love.

One of the slicker modern inventions is the digital picture frame. Versions of these have been around for years, but a new technology is a gamechanger. 

A great example is Aura’s digital frames. They are beautifully designed WiFi frames that connect people around the world through a simple photo sharing experience. With free unlimited storage, you can send endless photos straight from your phone to the frame, and never run out of space. You can even invite the entire family to join.

Your photos can be the gift of endless memories this year.

The reviews have been smashing. Aura has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and other publications, and has also been selected twice by Oprah.

Wirecutter recently named Aura’s Manson frame its top pick for best digital frame. “The Aura Mason is a fantastic option,” Wirecutter wrote in the review. “Its 8.57-inch display is sharp, bright, and vivid, and in our tests, it was the simplest frame to set up. On top of that, the design looks great, making it easy to bring into your home.

“The process of setting it up and remotely loading photos is a breeze (the free Aura app works with Android and iOS phones).”

Some of the best features include:

●Unlimited Storage and Contributors: Enjoy 10,000+ photos and invite as many people as you’d like through the Aura app with zero subscription fees.

● Crystal Clear Resolution: With a high-resolution screen that elegantly displays your favorite family photos, it’s the best display available and doesn’t even look like a screen.

● Interactive Frame Controls: Change photos, view details, and share love with the swipe of a finger.

For birthdays, anniversaries, or just a simple thinking of you, what better way to show them you care than giving the gift of memories year-round? For a limited time, Aura is offering Growing Bolder readers 15 percent off their purchase. Just use the code BOLDER when you checkout.

See some of their collections below:

The Smith Collection

The Mason Collection

The Sawyer Collection

Visit Aura Frames to learn more and to start sharing memories with loved one near and far. 

And be sure to check out Growing Bolder’s Translating Tech features for more great innovations that can improve your life. 

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