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Life lessons from the Musical Icons of our Youth

As we age, the music we grew up with means more than ever. Some of our favorite bands may still be out there, others have long since faded away. What happened when the spotlight went out, and when the glitter and glamour disappeared? What did they go through? How did they find new meaning and purpose? They gave us insight when we were young, and they have just as much to offer us now.

Growing Bolder has interviewed countless legendary performers, Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, band members, hit makers, songwriters, crew members and more. On Bolder Backstage we reconnect with these musical heroes of our youth for heartfelt conversations and talks that dig deep.

They have fascinating stories to tell — cautionary tales about experiencing the worst and best of life. They share invaluable lessons about vulnerability, rejection, success, failure, sacrifice, persistence, belief, ego, trust, betrayal, and reinvention.

The conversations offer a glimpse into what it takes to reach our dreams, the price paid for fame and fortune, and the blurred definitions of success and failure. Bolder Backstage gets to what’s important to us all, on topics that touch our lives.

Through Bolder Backstage they offer the wisdom and perspective that comes from experiencing the highest of highs and lowest of lows. From overcoming life’s toughest challenges, to appreciating age in a whole new way.

Bolder Backstage reveals the hearts and minds of those who helped create the sounds and songs that still fill our lives.

This article is featured in the Fall 2023 issue of The Growing Bolder Digital Digest.

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Bolder Backstage with Tommy Roe


Do you remember the name Tommy Roe? In the ’60s, when it came to musical stars he was one of the biggest in the world! In fact, when the Beatles and the Stones were moving up the charts, he was one of the guys they had to climb over. He had 27 songs that made top 30, like Sheila, Sweet Pea and Dizzy! Roe was a worldwide hit. In 1963 he did a tour of England, and you know who opened for him? Four lads from liverpool!

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