Family On Call

A Helping Hand, A Shoulder To Lean On, An Ear To Listen

Like most seniors, Rita wants to continue living in her own home and in the community, she loves, for as long as possible. “I love my life,” she says. “I go to the clubhouse three times a week. I play Mahjong. I play Pennies, which is like Canasta, on Tuesday night and Thursday afternoon. And then I play bingo on Thursday night. I walk in the pool three times a week with my girlfriend.”

Rita, a Florida Blue Member, values her independence, but at 91-years- old she occasionally needs help and desires companionship. She receives both from Bobbi. Bobbi works as a Papa Pal for a company called Papa, part of a unique and life-enriching service provided to Florida Blue Medicare members at no additional cost. “It’s so satisfying,” Bobbi says. “It’s such a good feeling to help out when they need it. I love being there for them.”

Rita has a large and loving family, but they don’t live nearby. Her granddaughter, Kelley, told her about Papa. “Knowing that she has help whenever she needs it is comforting,” she said. “Her Papa Pal allows her to remain independent and continue doing the things she loves but with a little support along the way.”

Papa helps members when, where, and how they need it most. “She does an awful lot for me,” Rita says. “She takes me to doctor appointments, to get my booster shots, and to see my family. She carries in my groceries and does a beautiful job with my flowers. I am very, very grateful to have her help and her friendship.” “We’ve become great friends,” adds Bobbi. “I help out however I can but sometimes we just enjoy one another’s company. We play cards and share stories. I really like it when she shows me pictures of her family.”

Rita’s walls are filled with photos of her family. “I have 11 grandchildren and 13 great grands,” she notes proudly. They’re all grateful for her Florida Blue Medicare Papa Pal. “It’s an amazing program that helps people who are secluded or have no family around them,” said her daughter, Linda. “I don’t worry about her as much as I would if she didn’t have a Papa Pal. It gives us peace of mind and helps her feel safe in her own home.”

A Papa Pal is like having another family member on call providing the help around the house and companionship necessary to be happy, healthy, and safe at home. It’s a friend and an extra pair of hands when you need one.

This piece was created in partnership with our frineds at Florida Blue

What could you cross off your to-do list if you had help?

Most Florida Blue Medicare Advantage plans include up to 60 hours a year of help from Papa Pals, who lend a helping hand with everyday activities at no cost, like:

Home tasks, like laundry, light cleaning, or meal prep
Transportation to the doctor’s office
Errands, like grocery shopping and banking
Technology lessons, such as how to use a smart phone or computer

Companionship, like playing board games or puzzles, or just to chat

If you’re a current Florida Blue Medicare Advantage member* call 888-941-3933 (TTY:711) to lighten your load or visit for more information.

*Florida Blue Medicare Regional PPO plans do not include coverage for At Home Support through Papa.

This article is featured in the August 2022 issue of The Growing Bolder Digital Digest.

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