Finding Positive “Influencers”


Last Updated on July 18, 2024

Don’t listen to ageist stereotypes that say you’re too old for anything. Especially emerging trends on social media platforms. In this episode of “What’s Next!” , Growing Bolder shares a few of their favorite trends and the social influencers working to help others embrace aging as a time of possibility and opportunity.

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Women Of Influence


Today, to be influential, you only need a smartphone, an internet connection, and a message that resonates to make a living for yourself and make a difference in the lives of others. Here’s to the new, older Women of Influence.

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Personal Growth Apps & Websites


For some this means learning a new skill. For others, it might be losing a few pounds, making a new friend, or learning to budget better. No matter the path you’re walking on your own Growing Bolder journey, we can all take advantage of the resources available to make self-improvement easier. Here are a few of our favorite personal growth apps and websites.

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