Gaming on GrandPad Brings Health Benefits for All


In the summer of 2021, Growing Bolder launched an initiative called BOLDERX®, designed to encourage, enable, and celebrate gaming for adults over the age of 50. The stories we’ve discovered and shared in the year since have made it clear why gaming is worthwhile.  

  • We watched gaming bring parents and their children closer together when they teamed up for a social gaming competition playing “Among Us.”  
  • The Growing Bolder team met a 78-year-old grandmother who found social connection with her followers and friends online playing the game “World of Warcraft,” streaming live across the world every night. 

The number of gamers 50 and older continues to grow 

As the pandemic surged in 2020 and older adults were advised to stay home, one in three started actively gaming. According to the International Data Corporation and the Entertainment Software Association, more than 51 million Americans aged 55 and older are active video gamers — a number that represents 26% of all gamers.  

While the sheer fun of the games are an obvious benefit, a recent collection of studies on gaming has shown the positive impact they have on our health as well. 

  • Improved manual dexterity 
  • Increased brain gray matter 
  • Improved memory 
  • Additional opportunities for social connection 
  • Improved problem solving 
  • Increased physical activity (from interactive games) 
  • Stress relief 

Get in the action with GrandPad 

There may not be an easier way to take advantage of all the health benefits and fun that gaming provides than by using a GrandPad. This tech company has created a tablet specifically with seniors in mind, to make it easy-to-use, get online and get connected with their loved ones.

While its main functions serve older adults with a private family network (meaning no scammers can contact you), safe internet exploring, photo sharing, and easy-to-use video calling for communicating with family, they have also developed a series of games benefitting all users. 

Games that come loaded on a GrandPad include: 

  • Memory 
  • Crossword 
  • Word Scramble 
  • Sudoku 
  • Word Search 
  • Solitaire 
  • Texas Hold ‘em 

These games are designed to keep adults engaged and entertained, while continuing to sharpen minds. All of the games feature enhanced color and contrast, which enables older adults and people with visual impairments to perceive game content clearly and easily. 

When games are played on GrandPad, there are no ads to interrupt the user and cause distraction, and no risk of users being exposed to phishing scams.

There are even two-player modes to play with a grandchild or loved one. Seniors use a Grandpad, and the rest of the family members use the free companion app on their smartphones. It’s a mission that GrandPad CEO Scott Lien says the company will continue to grow in the years ahead.   

“We’re really excited about multiplayer games,” Lien said. “Games that are very popular. Games that entertain, that create cognitive stimulation, and the ability for the whole family to play games together.  And not just entertain, but games that could spark family discussion and dialogue.” 

Whether looking to engage in an activity that fosters the growth of intergenerational connection, keeps the mind sharp, or offers moments of fun and relaxation, GrandPad makes it easy to get in the game. 

This article was created in partnership with our friends at GrandPad 

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