GB Splashes With the Best


Growing Bolder CEO Marc Middleton took his suit and his video camera to the U.S. Masters National Swimming Championships in Atlanta. He returned with dozens of new friends, four medals and one story about an amazing competition and a great organization helping men and women from 18 to 100 prove it’s not about age, it’s about attitude.

The event attracted everyone from nearly two dozen former Olympians to people who’ve just returned to the pool after decades away. One of the competitors was 2008 U.S. Olympic team member Cullen Jones, who became just the second African-American swimmer in history to win an Olympic gold medal during the Beijing Games. In Atlanta, he smashed a masters swimming record.

As you’ll hear in the story, Marc and his Blu Frog teammates also took home a national championship! Marc, Rowdy Gaines, Keith Switzer and Scot Weis picked up the gold medal in the 45+ 200m Freestyle Relay. Way to go, guys!

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