How To Safely Celebrate New Year’s Eve With Pets


New Year’s Eve always takes on a celebratory tone, even in these times of Covid-19. Often, it’s a noisy celebratory tone, marked by fireworks and noisemakers. But if you want to be a Good Neighbor, it’s best to hit the volume control.

New Year’s Eve is the worst time of the year for pets (along with the Fourth of July). Many are terrified by the noise. Many responsible pet parents chose to stay home to provide a measure of comfort. Many pet parents also reach out to their neighbors and kindly ask to drop the pyrotechnic light show this year.

Here are a few helpful hints from the ASPCA (and Growing Bolder) on how to get through the night:

The Basics

“Not only will you want to ensure that your pet has a safe, comfortable place to find sanctuary away from the booming sounds of fireworks, but you should also remember that dogs will eat anything, even if it does not seem like it would taste good! Be sure to monitor poppers, noisemakers and explosives before, during and after displays, and always keep a close eye on your pet to prevent any potential problems.” (ASPCA)

It’s important to allow your pets to find a safe place to hide or feel more relaxed, whether it’s a kennel, crate, perching place or a scratching post shelf.

For animals whose anxiety reaches high levels, consult with your vet to see if a mild (or stronger) sedative will work. For dog owners, Thunder shirts have proven to be a very valuable ally for these occasions.

Going out?

“You may be planning a night out with family and friends to celebrate the oncoming New Year, which means that your pet might be home alone with loud, confusing noises coming from outside.

Before you go out, do a quick double check around the house to make sure that all exits are secured, and do what you can to make your pet feel comfortable and safe in your home. As always, remove anything harmful (plants, foods, medications, etc.) that your pet could get into, should they decide they need to chew on something.” (ASPCA)

Look around your home. Make sure to close all windows and curtains to help muffle the sound of fireworks. Keep a few lights on but try to create a cozy warm environment for your pet. Keep plenty of water available. Food too, using reasonable amounts.

Crate them if necessary but keep an eye on the time to get back within a reasonable amount of time.

Let’s Spend the Night Together?

This year, especially with Covid-19 concerns (coupled with the usual danger of people drinking and driving) why not stay home and celebrate the start of a New Year?

Yeah 2021!

Boo 2020!

Here’s a list of cool activities from the ASPCA:

  • Don your dapper apparel. Dress up with your pet to make for a very Instagram-worthy New Year’s Eve.
  • Cuddle up for a movie marathon. This is the perfect activity for those looking for a comfortable night in.
  • “Have a baking party. Invite some of your friends and their furry friends over and have fun baking some pet-friendly treats.
  • Watch the ball drop together! What better way to ring in the New Year than with kisses from your favorite furry friend?

 PS: And a Happy New Year to all creatures.

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