Legendary Hockey Announcer, Bob Chase Thrives at 86


In 1953, a young man took a temporary job until a “real” one came along. When his voice hit the airwaves of WOWO in Fort Wayne, Indiana, no one expected the young hockey announcer would do something that no other sports announcer has ever done. 

For the next 60 years, with very few exceptions, Bob Chase would call every game the Fort Wayne Komets would play. 

At the age of 86, Bob remains one of the most remarkable man in sports. 

He talks with Growing Bolder about his long and fascinating career, which even included interviewing an up-and-coming young singer named Elvis Presley. 

Plus, you’ll be touched when you hear him describe what it was like to be the recipient of the NHL’s highest award, the Lester Patrick Award. 

And find out why you won’t find him retiring any time soon, and what he’s learned by watching his other friends retire.