The Growing Bolder Community Shares their 2020 Wins


There’s no denying 2020 has been an extraordinarily difficult year. But, still, so many folks have managed to persevere in big and small ways, even through this year’s uniquely challenging obstacles. We asked the Growing Bolder Community to share what they’ve achieved this year. The answers were insightful, inspiring, sweet, surprising, simple and in some cases, brought tears to our eyes.

Some people achieved goals in mental, physical and financial fitness.

I ran my first ever half marathon!Jo Thompson

I added new foods back into my diet that I haven’t been able to eat previously for years! Feels good not to have to eat the same old same old. I also made peace with some emotional hurts that have been bothering me and I am determined not to drag them into 2021.Alicia Reese

Have walked 3 miles most days since the start of COVID, often with masked and distanced friends. This has provided in-the-moment socialization sanity and enough endorphins to prevent depression all day.

Sara Leflar Wood-Kraft

As of July I’m 100% debt free!!Tori Mehmood

Began meditation practice to deal with anxiety.Istankov

Others took wins in their professional life.

My husband published his first book and I’m right behind him with a lifetime goal of an illustrated book. We’ve concentrated on becoming healthier, calmer and building our relationship and paying down debt. Gratitude is my favorite word this year. I’ve come a long long way in one short year.Linda Goetsch

Retired from my Architecture practice of over 30 years, purchased a new home that I’m renovating and keeping my wife who still works well fed and happy while I assume the full-time role of house husband.Bruce Berberick

As my novel-in-progress languished, I wrote hundreds of poems (some good, some bad) … six were published in the spring. Making the best of a bad situation and great inspiration.

Sandra Fox Murphy

I planned, organized, and implemented a Virtual Photography Conference with 33 Live sessions; 12 instructors; Keynote and Guest Speaker. I had never done anything like this before; and was so pleased that it went so well.Jay grammond

I quit the gym where I worked as a personal trainer and started my own on-line training business for older adults at age 57!Michael Ungar

A number of folks learned things they might never have thought they would.

I learned to cut my wife’s hair! 😁Edie Gendron

Learned Zoom for Friday family meet up, quilt guilds and bridge lessons.Kathy Fahey

I took my drumming business online (Glad I learned how to use Zoom years ago!) and I wrote my second book to help others Rise Up and Rock- no matter how old you are. 😉 Thankful that we can connect with our young grandkids via Facebook chat.

Dori Staehle
Many people dedicated their time to helping those struggling.

Made over 500 masks for hospital workers, and first responders, family and friends.Laraine Ritchie

Left retirement to go back and help at my elementary school for three months… witnessed the dedication of educators in the time of COVID.Sallye Sadlocha

And finally, so many of us took pride in simply getting through the year.

I beat COVID-19Nancy Cain

My husband and I survived COVID.@Svlathome

I stayed sane!!Audrey Samuels Kurtz

No matter what wins you took this year, we’re so happy to celebrate them with you. Here’s to a happy, healthy and successful 2021!

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