Terminal Patient Chasing Dream


Jock Freemantle Supercar73- year old Jock Freemantle is closing in on his dream of manufacturing and distributing New Zealand’s first-ever ‘Supercar’ but may be running out of time.  Freeman has spent the past 12 years building his dream car on nights and weekends and has recently been diagnosed with what doctors describe as terminal cancer.

Against all odds, Freeman has built his car and against all odds he intends to beat cancer. But he knows the clock is ticking and is determined to finish the car as soon as he can. Freeman is now looking for investors to help take his car to the world market. Check out this video in which this man on  a mission talks about chasing his dream and fighting for all that life has to offer.  For more information visit his website:  http://www.hulmesupercars.com