Top 5 Video Call Activities for Intergenerational Connection


Last Updated on October 14, 2022

Thanks to the evolution of video calling, families across the globe are now able to get connected, see each other’s faces and communicate no matter where they are located. The question is, what can you do to keep video calling fun and fresh?

If the story-swapping and sharing of details from daily lives has your family calls in a rut, consider planning a virtual activity to do together. It’s a great way to bridge the gap between generations of grandparents, children and grandchildren. By partaking in a shared activity, it can keep people of all ages engaged and entertained, and create new memories that could last a lifetime. Here is a list of some of our favorite video call activities for intergenerational connection:

1. Play a board game

One of the easiest activities to plan for a video call is to play a board game together. While you could organize a game of “Scattergories”, and “Pictionary” on a group zoom call with family members, there is now an even easier way to game. One company, GrandPad, has created an easy to use tablet, specifically designed for older adults, that comes with a multiplayer gaming feature! The older adult only needs to tap on the image of their family member contact on their screen and invite them to play a game of checkers remotely. Moving your checkers is as easy as tapping a game piece on screen, and then just tapping the space you want to move it to!

2. Share photos from favorite memories

If you’re looking for a good way to spice up your story telling, plan a photo-sharing session! Each family member can prepare a handful of their favorite photos from their life, and share the story behind the pictures with their loved ones. It’s a great way to learn about one another and liven up a conversation with a visual aid.

3. Host a family trivia night

Designate one family member to create trivia cards on the rest of your family members, to host a live trivia game over a video call. You’ll have to guess things like which relative spent time backpacking across Europe, what your uncle’s first car was, or the place where Mom and Dad had their first date!

4. Watch your favorite sports team together

While it might not seem like an “activity”, sharing in a sporting event is one of the best ways to bond with family members. Look up the schedule of your favorite team, and plan a night where all the family fans can video call with each other to talk about the game while the action unfolds live on your tv! You can even prepare your favorite ballpark foods and drinks and break out your lucky jersey for the occasion.

5. Draw or paint together

You don’t have to be da Vinci to enjoy this activity! Schedule a family art night, where each person gathers up paper, markers, crayons or paint, and all try to draw the same thing while catching up on a video call. You could all try to draw your favorite animal, sketch another family member, or paint a picturesque sunset. At the end, show off your drawings and vote on your favorites!

A Tablet Designed to Get Seniors Online

Don’t let technology be a barrier to connecting with your loved ones. While the options of devices and avenues to hop on a video call can seem daunting, there’s one product that has been specifically designed by seniors for other seniors to use to get online.

GrandPad is a tech company that has created a tablet that makes it easier than ever to video call with family, from the moment you take it out of the box:

  • The GrandPad features a safe and secure family network , meaning only trusted contacts that you invite to your private network can contact you, to keep out scammers and spammers.
  • Video Calls and Group Zoom Calls can be made with the push of a single button.
  • Browse the internet on the senior-friendly, secure browser from the built-in LTE data connection, meaning no wifi is necessary.
  • You can share and view photos with loved ones in your network to stay up to date on family activities.
  • It features a Music app for curated playlists from a variety of genres and allows users to save their favorite songs.
  • The Radio app allows users to customize their line up of favorite stations from thousands of local and national options.
  • Compose emails with voice recording , so no typing is necessary.
  • Play games designed to keep older adults mentally sharp and engaged.

To learn more about how GrandPad can get you connected with your loved ones today, visit

This article was created in partnership with our friends at GrandPad

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