100-Year-Old Says Giving Back is Her Secret to Longevity


Dorothy Turner Johnson passed away in 2015.

What was Dorothy Johnson’s secret to becoming a centenarian? She told us that very early in life she developed a passion for making a difference in the world around her.

She never dreamed she would reach her 100th birthday, but when she did, she did it in style, surrounded by friends and loved ones who helped her celebrate. Dorothy invited Growing Bolder as well, and shared the story of her extraordinary life, which included graduating from college at a time when few African Americans, and even fewer African American women, had the opportunity to do so. Dorothy was also one of the first African American women to serve overseas in the U.S. Armed Forces. She recounted the extraordinary wartime mission she embarked on that ended up making a big difference in many soldiers’ lives.

Take a moment to listen to her speak passionately about the importance of making a mark on the world. She hopes it will inspire you to live a life of greater purpose and passion.

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