Balancing the Bucket List


But Martha says none of those adventures and accomplishments matter if she’s not giving back to the world around her. She believes in living a balanced life. That’s why she’s spent more than 20 years volunteering with Habitat for Humanity of Collier County. Even today, at the age of 76, you can find her most days nailing down shingles to roofs under the sweltering Florida sun.

“I wouldn’t feel very good just going through life crossing things off my bucket list if I didn’t balance it with spending a lot of time helping other people,” she says. “It’s all about the balance. And I’m loving my life.”

Find out why even though she never looked forward to this age, she’s discovered it’s the best age yet. For a woman who once fought sexism when it came to what she could and could not do, you’ll be inspired by how she’s redefining the way people view people, particularly women, in their late 70s.

Special thanks to Habitat for Humanity of Collier County for providing video for this story.

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