Benoit’s Big Dream


We all arrive at countless intersections in life, in which our desires collide with our fears. It’s the intersection of need and opportunity, dreams and reality, risk and security. So what do we do? What path do we take? For Benoit Glazer the risk was especially large but so was the reward.

Glazer is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and conductor who played professionally all over the world before taking a major risk and moving from Montreal to Orlando to become musical director of La Nouba for Cirque du Soleil.

He loved working for Cirque du Soleil but quickly became restless on his two nights off. When his searches for weeknight live music came up short, he and wife decided to have a concert at their house. The rest is history. See how the Glazer family, including Benoit, his wife and their three children, launched a cultural movement in their own home, inviting the community along for an extraordinary ride.

Click here to learn more about the Glazer family’s Timucua Arts Foundation and get details on upcoming events. 

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