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Short, vertical videos have taken social media by storm. And, while some people assume TikTok and Instagram Reels are a “young person’s game”, plenty of 50+ adults are proving them wrong. Here’s just a handful of the women using their platforms to share aging wisdom, humor, beauty tips and lifestyle advice.  


Kim Hale has happy feet, and she’s sharing that joy with others. A dancer and actress, Kim shares videos not just to promote her hip hop dance prowess, but to promote a lifestyle focused on pursuing your passions. She’s a perfect example of defying the stereotypes of age! 

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Need style inspo? Look no further than Carla, who regularly shares her favorite fashions, finds and fitness tips. Her posts will inspire you to treat every hallway, sidewalk or path like a runway. 

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TV Anchor Tamsen Fadal has a lot to say about aging and the discrimination, negative perceptions, treatment and thoughts that can come with it. Through her channels, she encourages followers to treat themselves with respect, appreciate the gift of aging, and approach menopause without fear. 

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70-year-old Sheila Agnew knows she’s only getting better with age. As one of her captions reads, “You can’t put me in a corner. I don’t retire. I move to the ‘Next Level.’” Sheila is celebrating aging, beauty, faith and enjoying life at any age.

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Grandma Droniak

To add some upbeat humor to your life, give a follow to one of our favorite Insta-grammas. The self-proclaimed CEO of all grandmas has some wisdom to deliver and she does it with a touch of humor, love, kindness….and just a bit of snarkiness. She’s inspiring her followers, some decades younger than her, to put on a great outfit and make the most of the day. 

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Have you always wanted to live somewhere else? Get inspired by Gail McNeill, a British empty-nester who, at just over 50-years-old, sold most of what she owned and moved to Portugal to wake up to sunshine 300+ days a year. She’s pro-ageing, pro-wellness and pro-living-the-life-you-want.

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