Focusing on Experiences is a Formula for Success


Last Updated on March 8, 2024

As we age, experience is more important than things. Research shows that, post pandemic, that is now more true than ever. There has been a global realignment of our priorities. Experiences, especially family connection and travel, now dominate the top 10 sources of inspiration.

Marc Middleton recently had the chance to chat with a father and son from their home in Birmingham, England. Kevin Johnson is in his 60s and is a frontline worker for the National Health Service. Early on in the pandemic he became severely infected with COVID-19. He was quarantined at home, and made it through thanks in large part to his son Ned, who moved in and became his around-the-clock caregiver.

Kevin and Ned are both big Formula 1 race fans and when a man in the U.S., unable to be with his father who was battling Covid in Ireland, heard their story, he gifted them a once-in-a lifetime experience through a company called QuintEvents. They arranged for both to live their dream at the British Grand Prix including a close encounter with their favorite driver, Lewis Hamilton.

Check out their story, and hear the “What’s Next!” team share their bucket list dreams too.

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