Quin’s Got Talent


Last Updated on July 9, 2024

Thanks to the popularity of dance shows on network TV, dance studios around the country are busier than they’ve been in decades.

Many more people would love to take lessons but worry about embarrassing themselves. By all accounts, Quin Bommelje was so bad when she first started, her teacher and even her husband couldn’t bear to watch. She had a hard time to keeping time to the beat. Now, her younger dance partner has a hard time keeping up with her!

Take a look at Quin now! The 4 foot, 11 inch, 64-year-old fireball is burning up the dance floor, taking top prize at prestigious competitions and setting her sights on dominating younger dancers.

Find out why she’s so passionate about her marriage, her family, making a difference in her home country of Thailand and her new love — ballroom dancing.

And if you think she looks familiar, you are right! A couple years ago, she wowed the judges on America’s Got Talent, making it to the final rounds of the hit talent competition show. So the takeaway is: find something you love and go after it.

Now at 76, Quin is still showing off her talent’s with the world, most recently at Growing Bolder’s “Launchpad to What’s Next LIVE” in The Villages, Florida! Check out Quin’s moves in the video below:

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