The Impossible Dream


Retired NFL great and multiple humanitarian award winner Reggie Williams has been a quiet warrior his entire life, but never more so than now as he tries to save his leg from amputation and works to overcome a stroke.

Over the past several years, Reggie has endured 24 surgeries and numerous infections that have left Reggie’s right leg disfigured and both legs in constant pain. Despite that, he’s surrounded himself with beautiful works of art, including literature, music and paintings. Find out how the genius and passion of artists, including some who were his friends, comfort him as he deals with the daily struggles of pain.

Now Reggie has an impossible dream — he wants to do something he hasn’t done in over 10 years. He wants to run again and not just anywhere. He wants to run onto a football field — and not just any football field.

Watch this story to meet an inspiring man of passion, purpose and perseverance.