The Zombie Cause


Last Updated on March 8, 2024

Forget everything you think you know about zombies– Doc Ruger and his pod of zombie hunters are about to set you straight in “The Zombie Cause,” a documentary film project and upcoming reality show by Dr. Lucky Meisenheimer.

The Zombie Cause webisodes follow the adventures of Dr. Ruger, his three sons Headshot, Silent Blade and Zombie Boy, as well as Pappy5X, as they work to educate others about the necropocalypse (the zombie apocalypse). And this isn’t fantasy — it’s the real deal. As Doc Ruger says: “There’s a lot of zombie hunting lingo that people don’t know. And people, ultimately, are all going to end up being zombie hunters because in the end, you’re either a zombie or a zombie hunter.”

Lucky invited Growing Bolder to a special film shoot, where his friends and family dressed up as zombies, and gave us the exclusive details of the plans to bring this series to TV.

In addition to filmmaker, Lucky is a world-renowned dermatologist, a philanthropist, a competitive swimmer and underwater hockey player, a Guinness World Record-holding yo-yo advocate and, we think, one of the most interesting people in the world. Why? Take a look:

Lucky’s Lake Swim

Lucky’s Jaws Swim

Underwater What?

World Record Hanging By a Thread

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