This Valentine’s Day, Consider the Gift of Health


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Valentine’s Day is all about memories. The magic of yesterday, sprinkled with the moments to come.

Happily, ever after, etched in every photo, love letter, email, and sealed with a kiss. But what happens if those memories start to fade? Even if those memories were only a week, or even a day old?

Eileen and Jack Davis have a story to share about that. It starts at a very sad place. Eileen’s memory is beginning to slip.

“I had an issue with short term memory,” she said. “Long-term memory was no issue at all, but short-term memory was something that was very difficult for me.”

She tried writing notes, but she forgot where she placed them. Frustration set in, understandably. “It made me feel very sad. Very, very sad.”

A natural extrovert, she was forced to withdraw from activities in her community of the Villages, Florida, where she has lived with Jack for 12 years.

“She was forcing herself to be in the house, not doing anything,” Jack said. “It was just a bigger and bigger hole she was getting into.”

Enter Aviv Clinic at The Villages.

After consulting with Avis’s team of specialists, Eileen and Jack decided that The Aviv Medical Program was the perfect fit for them. The program delivers a highly effective personalized protocol to enhance performance in the aging brain and body.

The unique, intensive program aims to improve the aging process by increasing cognitive and physical performance in healthy aging adults. Based on over a decade of research and development, the Aviv Medical Program is individually tailored to help everyone achieve new standards of performance involving the brain and body.

Let’s circle back to Eileen and Jack.

“It’s been a gift,” said Eileen. “Thrilled to be here. I’m beyond happy.”

Jack has noticed what he calls a “tremendous change” in her personality. 

“The changes that I’ve noted in my wife have been wonderful,” he said. “She had got to the point where she was depressed an awful lot.”

Aviv not only has programs to help those with memory loss. The Aviv Medical Program offers an array of service, including:

Better physical performance:

●Fitness, Strength, Coordination, Balance

●Boosting energy, power, and stamina

●Better sleep

●Improved sexual performance (for men)

●Stronger immune system

Benefits for your mind:

●Memory, attention span, Focus

●Information processing speed

●Improve mood

Amen, says Eileen.

“I like myself better,” she said. “I find myself much more confident than before. I am beyond gifted to have the luxury of being in this facility.”

Meet the inspiring couple here:

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