Your Take: What Have You Learned About Love?


Love it, hate it, or indifferent to it, Valentine’s Day is upon us. This year, we asked the Growing Bolder Community what they’ve learned about love over the years. Some heartwarming, some bittersweet, these answers will have you reflecting on your own special relationships in your life.

That when it’s truly unconditional, it’s the only thing that heals and that love finds you— not the other way around.Beth Ann Henry Smith

That it is not a “feeling” it is a decision. You get up each morning and decide to give your best to the person sleeping next to you. It takes work, but shouldn’t be hard. Love, when it’s right…is wonderful.Pamela Jones Reda

Love is unpredictable, imperfect, blissful, dreamy, risky and so worth it all.

Debbie Kozlovich

That just because someone does not love you the way you wish they did, does not mean they do not love you with all that can.Iris Cordero

Just because you love someone, doesn’t mean you’re meant to be together.Holly Brown Paaga

Just because a life ends doesn’t mean the love does. 5+ years a widow, but he’s still the love of my life.Mumsy Baker

Love is an action word.Cheryl Griffin

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