Your Take: Women who Made a Positive Impact


For Women’s History Month, we asked the Growing Bolder Community to tell us about a woman who has had a positive impact on their lives. Here are just a few of those inspiring, uplifting responses.

My Mom. She taught me the value of faith, family, independence, strong work ethic, long friendships, laughter… and the love to cook!Christie Habig Dunham

My mother-in-law Charlie who treated me like a daughter. She always said ‘It’s darkest before the dawn.’ I used to question this as some old West Virginia homily but the older I get the more I realize it’s true.Patty Thompson

My resilient, brilliant, mama. She is responsible for my extensive vocabulary, my thick thighs, and for being my rock. She has been gone for 15 years and I still find her in the details.

Yesenia Anderson

A classmate in high school took me, a new transfer student from out of state, under her wing and into her family. She was the mayor’s daughter and I worked waitressing at the bus station after school. Largely because of her, I earned a full scholarship to a wonderful old women’s college, and that changed my whole life. We remained friends for sixty years until she recently died.Mary McAvenia Potter

Helen Keller. The most amazing human being. Without seeing, hearing or speaking, she lectured, wrote books, and, with the help of another inspiring woman who taught her touch, was magical.Janis Erdfarb

My older sister Cynthia. After my first husband died, she moved in with me to help me raise my children. When our mother died in 1991, she became the glue that kept us all together. She was my best friend and the most selfless person I have ever known. I was with her daily the last two months of her life and I hate that I couldn’t save her like she did me. I miss her every day.Linda Ponton

The great nurses I have worked with over the years.Amy Carr Curren 

Bobbie Buxton came into the IHOP restaurant where I was working when I was in high school. She offered me a job at the San Francisco Airport and this changed my life. I can never repay her for setting me on the wild ride of life which I am still on 

Vickie Linnet 

My two beautiful daughters! They’ve helped me see the world with new eyes. I’ve learned to understand and grow because of them. I’m a better person!Terry Beard Pimental 

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