Big River Man


Even though you’ve probably never heard of Martin Strel, until Diana Nyad came along, he was the world’s most famous endurance swimmer. Part Borat/part superhero, he’s certainly the most unusual and interesting world-famous athlete. 

Strel, who is in his 50s, once swam for 84 hours non-stop covering miles 313 miles in the Danube River. His most famous swim is the entire length of the Amazon — the largest, longest and the most dangerous river in the world. Strel swam 3,278 miles in 66 days through waters that are home to bull sharks,  piranha, stingrays, anacondas, electric eels, crocodiles, poisonous snakes and giant catfish that have been known to swallow dogs and children.

We catch up with Martin to find out why he takes on these challenges and to get the secrets of his unlikely training methods. Here’s a hint — alcohol and cave meditations are involved.

Big River Man video Courtesy: Mongrel Media

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