From Stevie Nicks to Julie C. Myers


Last Updated on September 14, 2021

When Julie C. Myers becomes Stevie Nicks on stage the transformation is incredible. Julie looks like Stevie, moves like Stevie and it will blow your mind to hear how much she sounds like Stevie! In fact, she’s widely regarded as the top Stevie Nicks tribute artist working today. But we were surprised to learn that’s not the end of her story. In fact, it’s not even close!

Out of perfecting her salute to the Queen of Rock Julie’s own personal style began to develop. She began to realize she had a voice all her own! She began to develop this newly discovered gift and was quite pleased with how firmly it took root and began to grow. She had a new yearning: to perform as herself, and sing her own songs! But before we move on to that, watch this video to see how her transformation into Stevie happened in the first place!

So, why would someone fortunate enough to get bookings portraying the Fleetwood Mac rock goddess at theaters, shows, corporate events, even cruise ships want to, in essence, reinvent herself as… herself?

One thing about growing bolder, when a passion takes hold you really don’t question the logic. Strange things can happen. Reality can be temporarily suspended, replaced by a new dream, a new adventure, a new journey.

Julie’s journey took her to Nashville, home of the infamous Rukkus Room Studio which has given birth to dozens of hit records and chart-topping songs. She emerged with a very rare jewell.

It’s an album called Rock On: Fearless Journey and it’s all Julie C. Myers. Thirteen songs best described as a little bit of country rock, a little bit of classic rock and a whole lot of impressive!

Where will all this go? Is it possible to reach success as a recording artist when you debut in your 50s? Growing Bolder tells us that it is never too late. Julie C Myers is out to prove them right.

Click here to purchase Rock On by Julie C. Myers as a digital download or for a CD click here.

Here’s a sneak peek at the video from her first single, Can’t Get My Heart Around That.

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