Mindfulness: Preparing You For Liftoff!


Doro Bush Koch and Tricia Reilly Koch When someone tells us they’re feeling stuck, our go-to response is to ask how they can get curious. We encourage our wellness clients to ask questions about how certain foods or activities make them feel, but anyone can benefit from curiosity. In our recent interview with Ellen Warner, author of The Second Half: Forty Women Reveal Life After 50, we were inspired by the stories of women from around the world. One of…

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Gratitude For What is in Front of Us


Gratitude is a choice. It’s a muscle that needs strengthening through regular practice. There are many ways to do this, from journaling to prayer to making lists or more active practices like giving time to help others. Different approaches will feel right to different people at different points in our lives. Doro Bush Koch & Tricia Reilly Koch share strategies.

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