Suzy Toronto’s Pathway to Turning Dreams Into Reality


Artist and business owner Suzy Toronto, known for her “wacky” designs seen in gift shops around the world, credits much of her success to manifestation. She told Growing Bolder in a recent interview that people must declare clearly and specifically what they want and then align their actions to achieve it. 

Toronto’s inspiration came a few years ago during a charity walk on the beach. She met a man who lived in a nearby condo and randomly said to him, “This is my dream. Someday I’m going to live on the beach, too.”  

The man immediately answered back, “No, you won’t.”  

Toronto was surprised by his directness, and with eyes wide open replied, “What?” She thought maybe she heard him wrong. 

He looked her in the eye and repeated, “No, you won’t.”  

She had heard him correctly the first time.  

“Well, why would you say that?” Toronto said. 

“Because if you wanted it bad enough, you’d already be here,” he said matter-of-factly. 

Toronto took that as a personal challenge. She went home and told her husband that she was going to move to the beach. His first question was, “Can I come, too?”  

Suzy laughed and told him, “Well, it is going to be a process for us to get there.” 

So, they started the process. They began manifesting, which was more than just dreaming. Yes, Toronto thought about the beach, but she also took action. She began researching which beaches they could afford and which ones were closest to their children and grandchildren.  

Toronto grew up in Hawaii but knew moving there wasn’t a realistic dream or goal. However, the east coast of Florida was something they could do. Once she determined on which beach she wanted to live, Toronto wrote down her plan. She researched houses and condos, parking, and all the other things that were important to her and her husband. She quickly realized they couldn’t afford it. Instead of giving up on her dream, she began devising a plan to make more money. 

As an artist, Toronto wrote and designed books, cards and many other items available at  

“I had to figure out how many more books I needed to write in order to get the amount of money I needed,” she said. “Every single decision we made after that was consistent with our goal of moving to the beach, right down to not going out to dinner. Instead of going out, we’d stay in and save that money toward our beach goal.” 

Toronto explained the importance of having tunnel vision.  

“You have to manifest what you want, write it down on paper, and make every choice consistent with that until it happens,” she said.  

Toronto firmly believes that anyone can do anything if they set their mind to it and then put their plans into action. 

Today, Toronto and her husband live in a beachside condo in Florida. Her art studio is across the street. 

“Believe you can do it and you’re halfway there.” – Suzy Toronto

Suzy Toronto’s steps to manifestation: 
  • Decide, realistically, what you want. 
  • Declare your intentions. Verbally announce it and let it be known! 
  • Do your research and write down your plans. 
  • Make it happen. Let every choice you make be consistent with making your plan become reality. 

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