The Path to Better Brain Health


Last Updated on July 16, 2021

Although Alzheimer’s disease remains an incurable disease — for now — boosting your brain health is important preventative medicine for all older adults.

Researchers of Aviv Clinics, in Central Florida, have always strived to provide a path to enhance brain health. Consider it essential treatment and preventative medicine for older adults ready to redefine retirement with energy, mobility and independence.

An Aviv study published in 2020 indicates that a certain HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) protocol can improve cognitive capabilities, such as memory, focus, attention and information processing speed — all known to deteriorate during MCI (mild cognitive impairment).

“Fortunately, everyone is beginning to better understand how our physical and emotional well-being is driven by brain health — our memory, mobility coordination and personality — it’s all connected and controlled by the brain,” said Mohammed Elamir, M.D., board-certified physician at Aviv Clinics.

The research demonstrated that the specific delivery of high levels of oxygen (hyperoxia) under pressure in a hyperbaric environment, lead to significant improvement in tissue oxygenation, inducing stem cell proliferation, as referenced in Science Daily.

When applied to the brain, an increase in blood flow was found to have a direct correlation with enhanced cognitive performance.

Although factors such as age and genetics cannot be changed, researchers continue to explore the impact of lifestyle risk factors on brain health and prevention of dementia.

Even without pharmaceuticals, adults can take preventative steps by adopting healthy lifestyle choices, including a balanced diet, not smoking, regular exercise and cognitive stimulation.          

These modifications in combination with The Aviv Medical Program can yield benefits that include:

 ● Alleviating anxiety and complexities of sacrificing independence, quality and enjoyment too often associated with living a long life.

 ●The opportunity of living better with longer lasting cognitive function.

● Allowing an independent, active and enriching retirement.

● Promoting optimum health later in life.

“Until now, biologically preserving and restoring healthy brain function was unavailable,” Elamir said. “Today, there’s finally an individualized brain health program that actually assesses and changes the physiology of the brain.

This will enable people to take control of the trajectory of their health span. Protecting your independence, mobility, vitality and personality can be by choice – not by chance.”

The Aviv Medical Program can improve quality of life today and maintain it for years to come. To learn more, contact the clinic at (352) 488-2848 or [email protected].

12 common signs and symptoms of early stages of dementia:


●         Problems with short-term memory.

●         Keeping track of a purse or wallet.

●         Paying bills.

●         Planning and preparing meals.

●         Remembering appointments.

●         Traveling out of the neighborhood.


●         Coming up with the right word or name.

●         Remembering names when introduced to new people.

●         Having difficulty performing tasks in social or work settings.

●         Forgetting material that was just read.

●         Losing or misplacing a valuable object.

●         Experiencing increased trouble with planning or organizing.

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