True Stardom in Unexpected Places


Last Updated on April 20, 2021

Ginger loved to sing, so at mid-life she took a risk and decided to become a full-time performer. She started writing music, and after years of searching for fulfillment, she finally found it. She just never expected her music to strike a chord with the audience it did. Click here to check out more on her YouTube.

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Bolder Backstage with Tommy Roe


Do you remember the name Tommy Roe? In the ’60s, when it came to musical stars he was one of the biggest in the world! In fact, when the Beatles and the Stones were moving up the charts, he was one of the guys they had to climb over. He had 27 songs that made top 30, like Sheila, Sweet Pea and Dizzy! Roe was a worldwide hit. In 1963 he did a tour of England, and you know who opened for him? Four lads from liverpool!

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