The 87-Year-Old Pied Piper of Fitness


Ann Kahl is the kind of friend we all need. She’s an encouraging, supportive and inspirational pied piper of health and fitness who believes we’re all over-medicated and under-trained. She’ll do just about anything to help anyone live a healthier and more active life.

And oh yeah, she just happens to be 87 years old.

When she discovers a new way to stay in shape and stay healthy, she has to share it with those around her. That’s why she’s written and illustrated several how-to fitness books, including her latest passion — a book focused on deep-water running. Ann is a runner but she also lives in Florida, home of the endless, sweltering summers. She says people try to find too many excuses to skip workouts, so taking “running” to the pool helps runners and walkers stay active in the oppressive heat.

Ann and her workout buddies invited Growing Bolder to one of their weekly sessions in Ann’s backyard pool. See how she’s motivating her friends and in the process, changing their lives.

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