Breaking Bread with Ruth Hamilton


Meet Ruth Hamilton.

Before her death at the age of 109, Ruth filed dozens of video blogs for For years, Growing Bolder’s Bill Shafer had been telling her remarkable life story, from being the first women to host a radio show, to coming face to face with Hitler in 1937 to becoming the first woman elected to the Legislature from New Hampshire, she lived a life of significance and service to the country she loved.

In her later years, Ruth lived in an assisted living facility, and during on his visits with her, Ruth mentioned the one thing she missed more than anything from “the outside world” — rye bread with jelly. So GB delivered.

Watch her face come alive with joy and see how truly wonderful it is to enjoy the simple things in life. As an added bonus, after enjoying her treat, Ruth shares some of the things she’s learned about life and how she thinks we need to live.

Want to learn more about Ruth? Check out:
The Story of Ruth
Click here to watch Ruth’s vlogs and read excerpts from her autobiography, which she wrote in her 90s

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