Crafting a New Future


The last time we met up with Larry Roofner, he was making beautiful, handcrafted doors. He’d retired from his job as a healthcare executive after suffering a heart attack to pursue his passion. 

He was, quite simply, having the best time of his life.

Then, he nearly lost his life when a car broadsided his bicycle one morning as he rode to the local Y to work out. 

He suffered devastating injuries, including eight fractured vertebrae, spinal cord damage and traumatic brain injury. He was hospitalized for five months and had to relearn how to walk, talk and even think again. 

But once again, his passion for his art brought him back to life. No longer able to make the heavy, big doors, he discovered a new love — rocking chair that are functional works of fine art. 

Find out what he’s learned about looking toward the future and why, once again, he’s living boldly with passion and optimism. 

Want to learn more about Larry’s rocking chairs? Click here to visit his website